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AirMagnet increased support for Cisco

by Nikola Strahija on July 12th, 2005 Wi-Fi security vendor AirMagnet has increased the support for Cisco access points in AirMagnet Enterprise 6, as well as adding multi-tasking sensors, making set-up easier and adding intelligence to spot new attacks.

-You can now use Cisco APs as scanners, said Rich Mironov, vice president of marketing at AirMagnet. -That's a little less than a sensor, it is not a full-function analytical device, but the AP can become a full-time dedicated scanner on all channels.

AirMagnet probes are also embedded in two other recently launched multi-radio access points: Xirrus' which puts 16 access points and a switch in one box, and Colubris' multi-service WLAN controller.

When sensors are plugged in to the new system, the AirMagnet server will set them up remotely. -As each sensor is plugged in it will make DNS request to find server and get connected up, said Mironov. -That's not a big deal if you are putting twenty sensors out, but if you are putting 1000 out on four continents, it's a big help.

The company has added "Day Zero" alarms, giving the software the ability to raise an alarm when an unusual pattern of traffic suggests an attack may be underway. We are seeing 'phlooding' attacks, said Mironov. -These are distributed attacks against central authentication servers. A dictionary attack against many applications in different geographical locations, can create a flood of authentication requests which will clog up the central authentication server, so people have trouble getting logged in."
The new version is a free upgrade and available now.

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