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A reason not to

by ivy on August 20th, 2001 Microsoft released a patch to Internet Explorer 5.5 which claimed to be a security update. Also included in the 'service pack' was code which removes support for browser plugins.

Microsoft wants developers to use their technology, the walking security hazard known as ActiveX. Anyone who 'upgraded' to the new version was suddenly unable to view QuickTime files, and anything else which requires plugin support.

Plugins also won't work in the as-yet-unreleased IE 6. My employer makes software which requires a plugin to work with the browser. If any of our customers unwittingly upgrade, they won't be able to use our software. We've had to phone customers and warn them not to upgrade.

Apparently if you do install the patch, there is no way to uninstall it short of removing the whole thing and reinstalling from 'the original CD'. Personally, I haven't seen a physical cd with IE on it since 3.0."

from: plastic

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