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A new Trojan hiding in e-mails

by Nikola Strahija on August 2nd, 2006 SophosLabs has discovered a new version of a Trojan which spreads itself in e-mails and pretends to be a photo.

If you get an e-mail with a subject My best photos, Best photos of us or anything like it with an attachment of, don't open it. Chances are that someone is trying to infect you with a Troj/Dloadr-AKX Trojan horse, says SophosLabs.

If the user indeed opens the attached archive file, in it he'll find a file called DSC00342.jpg .exe, which is a nasty piece of malware that will infect the computer and open it up for hackers, as well as download some other malware from the internet.

As a well-known security expert, Graham Cluley, the senior technology consultant at Sophos said: -Opening the file will not show you a digital picture, but instead blast open a hole in your PC’s security. Anyone unfortunate enough to run this program is running the risk of allowing hackers to gain access to their computer to spy, steal and cause havoc."

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