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A blackmailing Trojan on the loose

by Ivana Strahija on March 15th, 2006 Cryzip Trojan is programmed to encrypt various victims' files and than blackmail $300 in exchange for unlocking and decrypting them, reports Lurhq Threat Intelligence Group.

The Trojan searches the infected computer for important files, encrypts them and storst the data into a zip library, protected with a long password. Moreover, it than deletes the original file and keeps only the encrypted one.

The message the user receives is: "Your computer catched our software while browsing illegal porn pages, all your documents, text files, databases was archived with long enough password. You cannot guess the password for your archived files--password length is more than 10 symbols that makes all password recovery programs fail to bruteforce it.", which later on gives instructions on how to pay the ransom of $300 to an E-Gold account.

Security experts don't know yet how the Cryzip ransom Trojan is spread, but only a handfull of users reported being infected.

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