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12 Nigerians arrested for 419-er

by Nikola Strahija on February 22nd, 2006 12 Ngerians have been arrested in Holland under pretenses of conducting an Internet scam, fooling (mostly) Americans to invest in bogus business opportunities.

Dispatching over 100 000 e-mails, all classic 419 fraud messages, the Nigerian gang presumably gained over $2m.

The Nigerians were arrested on Tuesday, when the Dutch police raided their location. The police found computers, fake passports and over 25 000 euro in cash during the raid.

So, the 12 Nigerians were accused of the 419 fraud, also known as Nigerian scam. These arrests will stop only a small portion of crooks. Security expert say that several hundred million dollars get stolen through the 419 scam every year.

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