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Home » Hacking News » 'Revealing' Lopez will strip your computer

'Revealing' Lopez will strip your computer

by ivy on June 5th, 2001 A "new" virus

A NEW variant of a self-replicating computer worm is the latest to try to lure voyeurs, but antivirus companies are split over how serious or how common it is in the wild.

The Visual Basic Script (VBS) "JenniferLopez_Naked" worm is attached to an e-mail which presents a pitch similar to those that accompanied the "Anna Kournikova" and "Naked Wife" worms.

The subject line reads, "Where are you," and the message body says, "This is my pic in the beach." The attachment reads, "JENNIFERLOPEZ_NAKED.JPG.VBS."

The attachment is coded in a way that might lead some people to think they are clicking on a JPEG, or picture file. For the computer, however, the last extension - in this case .VBS, which launches a programme - is the only one that is important.

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