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'Judge' computer virus hits Japan

by ivy on May 29th, 2001 A new virus that destroys data and automatically sends new document files to everyone in an infected computer's e-mail address book has invaded computers in Japan, it was learned Saturday.

Trend Micro Inc., a Tokyo-based company that manufactures antivirus software, said the virus, which is called "Judge," was first detected in the United States in March and has since spread worldwide via e-mail. The company said there have been at least 173 cases of infection reported in Japan.

Trend Micro warned computer users of the risk that their private documents could be sent to third parties if the computers are infected. It also said the virus is extremely difficult to stamp out once it starts attacking a computer's system.

Some time after infecting a computer, the virus starts destroying data in the hard disk and displays an offensive message in English on the screen.

The virus then intrudes into the computer's memory banks and sends out new e-mail by randomly selecting written documents in the computer and attaching titles and addresses to them.

"It is feared that confidential data or documents such as love letters could suddenly be sent to third parties or the users' e-mail friends," a company spokesman said.

An association for the promotion of information processing affiliated with the Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry said that it received 59 reports of infection in April.

Trend Micro has posted software to find out and extract the virus on its Web site.

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