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YiSpecter iOS malware

The first iOS malware capable of infecting stock and jailbroken iOS devices has been identified. It's target are users running iOS 8.


Household Appliances Sending Spam, opening backdoors

Proofpoint published research of never seen but heavily theorized Internet-of-Things cyber attack. They believe this is an industry first - standard household appliances such as smart TVs and Refrigerators used to send malicious and junk email accross the globe.


Assange and Wikileaks Team at CCC Conference

Wikileaks team and the World's most famous activist whistleblower are holding a talk in Saal 1 at Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg, Germany.


NSA and GCHQ use Google's cookies to identify targets

According to documents released by Edward Snowden, NSA and GCHQ (UK version of NSA) use Google's cookies, primarily designed for interest-based ad-targeting, to identify their targets.


U.S. Marines Website hacked and defaced

The official Website of U.S. Marines got hacked today by the hacktivist group Syrian Electronic Army following President Obama's announcement that he would seek congressional approvement for a military strike against Syria.


Facebook Virus Masked as Video!

A new virus which is masquerading as a video message can hijack Facebook accounts and Google Chrome browsers.


Google Palestine hacked! NOT!

News is spreading that was hacked by a Palestinian hacker group. The apparent hack actually consisted of posioning root DNS servers of the .ps TLD system. The DNS attack of course had political motives.


Hacking HTTPS in under 30 seconds

Department of Homeland Security issued an on Friday (02 Aug) following a vulnerability disclosure in all versions of the transport layer security (TLS) and secure sockets layer (SSL).


ATM hacking scams: Thailand becoming top target

It seems more and more foreigners do their ATM hacking in Thailand. In the last 18 months over 10 groups of various nationalities have been arrested across Thailand for stealing.


Using Fake GPS Signals to Hijack $80m Yacht

Students from University of Texas at Austin were successful in spoofing GPS signals and steering $80m worth yacht off course. The experiment took place 30 miles off the coast of Italy while the yacht was sailing in international waters.


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Choose Your Weapon: Zero-day Virus Threats

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Protecting e-mail systems from viruses and malware is imperative for enterprises. The threats faced every day by e-mail systems are real, and the consequences of failing to shield the network at the gateway are severe.
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