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Moderate kernel Xen4CentOS Security Update

  • Vendor: Centos
  • Vendor ID: CESA-2014:X011
  • Date: October 01, 2014

CentOS Errata and Security Advisory 2014:X011 (Xen4CentOS)

The following updated files have been uploaded and are currently
syncing to the mirrors: ( sha256sum Filename )


0ca23e081ddc488aa22b357fd2ad46b26526424f4613f5af7254bcbdcbcf1474 e1000e-2.5.4-
2699989af4721eaef6615cda9fc3eaa92335e8e9f07bd635f50d0aa69ab6e7bf kernel-3.10.55-11.el6.centos.alt.x86_64.rpm
7339e016f40eb353feee27ff95ab9636f18b0a27087248da5e7bccd5d76dc69c kernel-devel-3.10.55-11.el6.centos.alt.x86_64.rpm
88759f4fa62f62469864d4c4c634903fe8731fb3e4ad93b0091b8aaad47c8493 kernel-doc-3.10.55-11.el6.centos.alt.noarch.rpm
fc3fcb15f42a98e7c20fc0ed71deaf44f289cebc6b4c69f8f216aad5860ee3d4 kernel-firmware-3.10.55-11.el6.centos.alt.noarch.rpm
f3719c6d0cbf6b9d2c28667de1ed5e067317d4835877c486cb10231c41af5b8c kernel-headers-3.10.55-11.el6.centos.alt.x86_64.rpm
a5f0586ce5ac4c26904ea21a3e5ffe166ca2014dfde0fbf940cdd3aa5f3c1fd6 perf-3.10.55-11.el6.centos.alt.x86_64.rpm


c6441ca87bfca69505b42b82d126e3b51db25361895e15215658fe15765bff13 e1000e-2.5.4-
fe4226dea73a76754332118ff7bca149f2303f7421dd3908b5e0d906eccb0b38 kernel-3.10.55-11.el6.centos.alt.src.rpm


Kernel Changelog info from the SPEC file:

* Fri Sep 24 2014 Johnny Hughes <johnny at> - 3.10.55-11
- upgraded to upstream 3.10.55

e1000e Changelog info from the SPEC file:

* Fri Sep 26 2014 Johnny Hughes <johnny at> - 2.5.4-
- build against version 3.10.55 kernel


The following kernel changelogs are available from since the previous kernel:


The following security issues are addressed in this update: *

* Applicable to s390 arch only, NA for x86_64


NOTE: You must run /usr/bin/ to update the file
/boot/grub/grub.conf (or you must update that file manually)
to boot the new kernel on a dom0 xen machine. See for info:

Johnny Hughes
CentOS Project { }
irc: hughesjr, #centos at

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