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OpenPKG Security Advisories

Here you'll find the latest security advisories from OpenPKG. Our database currently contains 88 OpenPKG security advisories.
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OpenPKG SA-2003.028: samba remote root exploit | SA-2003.028 | April 09, 2003
A buffer overflow has been found in the Samba SMB/CIFS server which could allow remote attackerto gain root access on the vulnerable host system.

OpenPKG SA-2003.027: sendmail buffer overflow | SA-2003.027 | April 02, 2003
Buffer overflow vulnerability has been found in all versions of Sendmail earlier than 8.12.9, which may allow remote attackers to gain root privileges.

OpenPKG SA-2003.026: OpenSSL RSA timing attacks | SA-2003.026 | March 22, 2003
Timing attacks on RSA keys have been discovered, to which OpenSSL is vulnerable, unless RSA blinding has been turned on.

OpenPKG SA-2003.025: mutt buffer overflow | SA-2003.025 | March 22, 2003
A buffer overflow exist in the IMAP client code of the mail user agent Mutt. It is possible for a remote attacker to run arbitrary commands with the privileges of the user running Mutt.

OpenPKG SA-2003.023: delegate remote code execution | SA-2003.023 | March 22, 2003
A remote code execution vulnerability exists in the application level gateway DeleGate, version 8.4.0 and earlier. Fetching a large robots.txt file through DeleGate HTTP proxy could result in a buffer

OpenPKG SA-2003.024: ircii buffer overflow | SA-2003.024 | March 22, 2003
Buffer overflow vulnerabilities have been found in ircII based clients. Timo Sirainen has audited several ircII based clients.

OpenPKG -SA-2003.020: mod_ssl RSA vulnerability | SA-2003.020 | March 21, 2003
A timing attack on OpenSSL has been researched by David Brumley. This attack allows local and remote attackers to extract the RSA private key of an SSL/TLS server like Apache/mod_ssl.

OpenPKG SA-2003.021: samba remote root compromise | SA-2003.021 | March 21, 2003
A buffer overrun has been found in all versions of Samba from 2.0.* to 2.2.7a inclusive. This allows a remote attacker to gain root privileges on a samba server.

OpenPKG SA-2003.022: mysql remote root exploit | SA-2003.022 | March 21, 2003
In MySQL server version 3.23.55 (and prior) there is a remote root exploit vulnerability. In order to gain remote root access, the MySQL server has to be launched by root and access to an account with

OpenPKG-SA-2003.019: openssl | SA-2003.019 | March 19, 2003
David Brumley and Dan Boneh of Stanford University have researched and documented a timing attack on OpenSSL which allows local and remote attackers to extract the RSA private key of a server.

[OpenPKG-SA-2003.001] OpenPKG Security Advisory (png) | SA-2003.001 | January 15, 2003
According to a Debian security advisory based on hints from Glenn Randers-Pehrson [0], a buffer overflow vulnerability exists in the Portable Network Graphics (PNG) library libpng [1] in connectio

[OpenPKG-SA-2002.016] OpenPKG Security Advisory (fetchmail) | SA-2002.016 | December 17, 2002
The e-matters security team has reaudited Fetchmail and discovered a remote vulnerability [1] within the default install.

[OpenPKG-SA-2002.010] OpenPKG Security Advisory (apache) | SA-2002.010 | October 23, 2002
Vulnerability: cross side scripting

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