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Mandrake Security Advisories

Here you'll find the latest security advisories from Mandrake. Our database currently contains 486 Mandrake security advisories.
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MDKSA-2002:022-zlib | MDKSA-2002:022 | March 13, 2002
Matthias Clasen found a security issue in zlib that, when provided with certain input, causes zlib to free an area of memory twice. This "double free" bug can be used to crash any programs that t

MDKSA-2002:021-mod_frontpage | MDKSA-2002:021 | March 12, 2002
A problem was found in versions of improved mod_frontpage prior to 1.6.1 regarding a lack of boundary checks in fpexec.c. This means that the suid root binary is exploitable for buffer overflows.

MDKSA-2002:019-openssh | MDKSA-2002:019 | March 12, 2002
Joost Pol found a bug in the channel code of all versions of OpenSSH from 2.0 to 3.0.2. This bug can allow authenticated users with an existing account on the vulnerable system to obtain root pri

MDKSA-2002:016-1-squid | MDKSA-2002:016 | February 27, 2002
Three security issues were found in the 2.x versions of the Squid proxy server up to and including 2.4.STABLE3.

MDKSA-2002:015-cups | MDKSA-2002:015 | February 15, 2002
There is a potential buffer overflow vulnerability in CUPS when reading the names of attributes. This bug affects all versions of CUPS and is fixed upstream in version 1.1.14.

MDKSA-2002:014-ucd-snmp | MDKSA-2002:014 | February 15, 2002
The Oulu University Secure Programming Group (OUSPG) has identified numerous vulnerabilities in multiple vendor SNMPv1 implementations. These vulnerabilities may allow unauthorized privileged acce

MDKSA-2002:011-gzip | MDKSA-2002:011 | February 02, 2002
There are two problems with the gzip archiving program; the first is a crash when an input file name is over 1020 characters, and the second is a buffer overflow that could be exploited if gzip is

Mandrake - MDKSA-2002:008 - jmcce update | MDKSA-2002:008 | January 27, 2002
A problem exists in the jmcce program that is used for Chinese text on the console. jmcce is installed setuid root and places log files in /tmp; because jmcce does not perform suitable checking on the

Mandrake - MDKSA-2002:007 - at | MDKSA-2002:007 | January 21, 2002
zen-parse discovered a problem in the at command containing an extra call to free() which can lead to a segfault with a carefully crafted, but incorrect, format. This is caused due to a heap corruptio

Mandrake - MDKSA-2001:093 | MDKSA-2001:093 | December 18, 2001
A buffer overflow exists in the telnet portion of Kerberos that could provide root access to local users. MDKSA-2001:068 provided a similar fix to the normal telnet packages, but the Kerberized equiva

Net-tools buffer overruns | MDKSA-1999:001 | June 25, 1999
Upgrade to our new net-tools package which fixes potentional buffer overruns. This package also contains a patch for ESP and GRE protocols recognition in VPN masquerade.

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