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Gentoo Security Advisories

Here you'll find the latest security advisories from Gentoo. Our database currently contains 907 Gentoo security advisories.
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Portage library symlink mangling / deletion | GLSA-200210-001 | October 28, 2002
A bug involving the interaction of 'ldconfig' and portage has been identified for all systems using masked libraries. Libraries that have been installed but are now masked in portage will be downgrade

Krb5 buffer overflow | GLSA-200210-011 | October 28, 2002
A stack buffer overflow in the implementation of the Kerberos v4 compatibility administration daemon (kadmind4) in the MIT krb5 distribution can be exploited to gain unauthorized root access to a K

Ypserv information leak | GLSA-200210-010 | October 28, 2002
Thorsten Kukuck discovered a problem in the ypserv program which is part of the Network Information Services (NIS). A memory leak in all versions of ypserv prior to 2.5 is remotely exploitable. When

Mod_ssl cross site scripting | GLSA-200210-009 | October 27, 2002
Cross-site scripting vulnerability in the mod_ssl Apache module 2.8.9 and earlier, when UseCanonicalName is off and wildcard DNS is enabled, allows remote attackers to execute script as other web site

Kth-krb & heimdal remote root explot | GLSA-200210-008 | October 26, 2002
All versions of the kadmind daemon are vulnerable to a remote root exploit, if compiled with support for the Kerberos 4 kadmin protocol.

Zope incorrect handling of XML-RPC | GLSA-200210-007 | October 24, 2002
Zope ( will reveal the complete physical location where the server and its components are installed if it receives "incorrect" XML-RPC requests. In some cases it will reveal also informat

Xfree shared memory issue | GLSA-200210-006 | October 24, 2002
Roberto Zunino discovered a vulnerability in the MIT-SHM extension of XFree86 prior to versions 4.2.1. The vulnerability allows a local user who can run XFree86 to gain read/write access to any shared

Page: 12... 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 out of 37

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