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Fedora Security Advisories

Here you'll find the latest security advisories from Fedora. Our database currently contains 4435 Fedora security advisories.
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Screen integer signedness error | FLSA:1187 | January 26, 2004
Updated screen packages are now available that fix a security vulnerability which may allow privilege escalation for local users, and possibly remote attacks or getting control of another user's scr

Elm frm command buffer overflow | FLSA:1230 | January 22, 2004
A buffer overflow vulnerability was found in the frm command. An attacker could create a message with an overly long Subject line such that when the frm command is run by a victim arbitrary code is ex

Elm buffer overflow | FLSA:1230 | January 22, 2004
Updated elm packages are now available that fix a security vulnerability which may allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via a long Subject line.

php 4.3.4 updates | FEDORA-2003-005 | January 08, 2004
This update includes the latest stable release of PHP 4 with a large number of bug fixes since the previous 4.3.3 release.

kernel 2.4.22 updates | FEDORA-2003-047 | January 07, 2004

ethereal 0.10.0a updates | FEDORA-2003-040 | December 18, 2003
Serious issues have been discovered in the following protocol dissectors: * Selecting "Match->Selected" or "Prepare->Selected" for a malformed SMB packet could cause a segmentation fault.

gnupg 1.2.3 updates | FEDORA-2003-025 | December 10, 2003
Phong Nguyen identified a severe bug in the way GnuPG creates and uses ElGamal keys, when those keys are used both to sign and encrypt data. This vulnerability can be used to trivially recover the pr

xboard 4.2.7 updates | FEDORA-2003-031 | December 04, 2003
XBoard 4.2.6 and older contains a script which writes to a file in /tmp with a predictable filename. Malicious users could use this vulnerability to force XBoard users to overwrite any file writable

ethereal 0.9.16 updates | FEDORA-2003-022 | November 25, 2003
These updated ethereal packages fix a security problem found in versions prior to 0.9.16. It also fixes several other minor bugs and problems. All users of ethereal are recommended to update to thes

pstack 1.2 updates | FEDORA-2003-010 | November 12, 2003

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