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Debian Security Advisories

Here you'll find the latest security advisories from Debian. Our database currently contains 3782 Debian security advisories.
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Debian - DSA-089-2 - icecast remote exploit | DSA-089-2 | January 21, 2002
In Debian Security Advisory DSA-089-1 we reported that icecast-server has several security problems. For details please see that advisory. The i386 package mention in the DSA-089-1 advisory was incorr

Debian - DSA-104-1 - CIPE DoS attack | DSA-104-1 | January 15, 2002
Larry McVoy found a bug in the packet handling code for the CIPE VPN package: it did not check if a received packet was too short and could crash.

Debian - DSA-103-1 - glibc buffer overflow | DSA-103-1 | January 15, 2002
A buffer overflow has been found in the globbing code for glibc. This code which is used to glob patterns for filenames and is commonly used in applications like shells and FTP servers.

Debian - DSA-094-1 | DSA-094-1 | December 17, 2001
Barry A. Warsaw reported several cross-site scripting security holes in Mailman, due to non-existent escaping of CGI variables. These have been fixed upstream in version 2.0.8, and the relevant patche

Debian Security Advisory - slrn | | March 10, 2001
Bill Nottingham reported a problem in the wrapping/unwrapping functions of the slrn newsreader. A long header in a message might overflow a buffer and which could result into executing arbitraty co

Debian Security Advisory - glibc | | March 10, 2001
The version of GNU libc that was distributed with Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 suffered from 2 security problems: * It was possible to use LD_PRELOAD to load libraries that are listed in /etc/

Debian Security Advisory DSA-031-2 | DSA-031-2 | March 06, 2001
Todd Miller announced a new version of sudo which corrects a buffer overflow that could potentially be used to gain root privilages on the local system. This bugfix has been backported to the versi

Page: 12... 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 out of 152

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