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InvestBank UAE hacked: credit cards and passports leaked

Over 15 GB worth of data has been leaked from InvestBank roughly a week after 1.4GB worth of sensitive financial and spy information was published online by a whistleblowing website called Cryptome.


Qatar National Bank data leak contains financials, spy data

1.4GB worth of internal documents, financial data, spy documents and other files was leaked on a website called Cryptome.


Hundreds of porn clicker trojans infiltrate Google Play

On average 10 new porn clickers bypassed Google Play's security checks a week. They did not just made it to the store, they sucessfully infiltrated user devices.


Upgraded version of CTB Locker encrypts WordPress sites

It seems that the new version of CTB Locker ransomware encrypts WordPress websites demanding 0.5 BTC to release files.


Nissan Leaf EV doesnt require authentication

An attendee of a computer security workshop discovered that Nissan Leaf's API doesn't require authentication to control certain features of this electric vehicle.


US DoJ files motion to force Apple to fulfill FBI iPhone crack order

The US Department of Justice has filed a motion compelling Apple to comply with a court order to help the FBI get access of the San Bernardino murderer's iPhone.


Xbot Banking Trojan for Android steals bank login info

Miscreants have created a new attack designed to steal banking credentials and CC information using phishing pages crafted to look like Google Play's payment interface.


Hollywood Presbyterian hospital paid $17,000 to hackers

An LA hospital has paid $17,000 in bitcoins to hackers in order to get access to their computers which have been infected with ransomware for more than a week.


Zero Days, the Story of Stuxnet

In the new documentary by Alex Gibney, an Oscar-winning filmmaker the phenomenon of Stuxnet is explored. A super worm discovered in 2010 by security researchers had one goal - to infect Iran's nuclear program. However, the worm ended up spreading uncontrollably.


Americans more likely to pay data ransom, Brits pay higher amounts

In the United States alone more than 50% of ransomware victims have paid the extortionists according to a study conducted by Bitdefender in November 2015. Half of victims are willing to pay up to $500 to recover their data.



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First Stack Buffer Overflow to modify Variable

Stack overflow - modify program execution

Owning Windows Domain through MSSQL reverse shell

Demonstrating reverse shell attack on MSSQL

Dissecting the Dyre Loader

Read about Dissecting the Dyre Loader

Dyre or Dyreza, is a pretty prominent figure in the world of financial malware. The Dyre of today comes loaded with a multitude of modules and features while also appearing to be well maintained. The first recorded instance of Dyre I have found is an article in June 2014 and the sample in question is version 1001, while at the time of this report Dyre is already up to version 1166. While the crypters and packers have varied over time, for at least the past 6 months Dyre has used the same loader to perform it's initial checks and injection sequence. It is the purpose of this report to go through the various techniques and algorithms present in the loader, and at times reverse them to python proof of concepts.
» Full paper on Dissecting the Dyre Loader

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